Now Fully Retired

After a long and enjoyable career, I am now fully retired. A big thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the years, both as clients and as colleagues.
Those looking for a therapist or a supervisor could download a list, or try the BACP or UKCP websites.
A past Supervision Certificate student is also now running their own Creative Supervision Course (though it is not advertised as person-centred).
If I know you, and you want to be added to the list above, or you are running your own supervision course, do contact me.

Jenny Biancardi: Consultant. Serving Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, and Durham in North East England. © Jenny Biancardi

What Next?

If I have the energy and memory, I may be doing some writing at some stage – but no promises on what or when. Otherwise, there is the sea nearby, and John is also retiring by the end of April 2023.
Lucky me!

The cartoons which follow are from when this was a fully-active website

CPD and Personal development workshops in Newcastle and North East England. © Jenny Biancardi
Supervisor Training, England and Scotland. © Jenny Biancardi
In-house training. Gateshead, Newcastle, North East England. © Jenny Biancardi
Mentoring and coaching in the North East of England. © Jenny Biancardi
Supervision for counsellors and therapists in Tyne and Wear. © Jenny Biancardi
Counselling and therapy in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. © Jenny Biancardi
Theatre Consultancy for London and Newcastle upon Tyne. © Jenny Biancardi

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