We protect your privacy. We don't pass on your details to other organisation’s for their use.

The following lets you know what this website and Jenny Biancardi Consultancy may do in terms of your data.


From time-to-time this website may use tracking software to monitor its visitors to better understand how this website is used. We use software provided by Google Analytics which uses cookies saved to your computer’s hard drive. This does not store, save or collect any personal information.

If you want, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser, and this website will still work perfectly.

Email Newsletters

This website offers you a chance to sign up to receive occasional email newsletters which tell you about workshops, courses, and other Jenny Biancardi Consultancy services. We ask for very little information - just your first name, last name, and email address - and your subscription is managed via MailChimp, which ensures that every newsletter email from us automatically gives you the chance to unsubscribe should you wish to do so. You can also email us at any time asking to be removed from the email list.

We don't pass on your details to other organisation’s for their use.

When we send out an email newsletter, it will usually contain tracking facilities within the actual email. Dates and times may be recorded for: when the email is opened; it being forwarded; and the clicking of links within the email. This lets us know that the newsletter has been successfully sent out, and how much it is being read.


Our website also gives you the option to email us. These emails are kept private and are stored securely until they are no longer required or have no use, when they are then deleted.

That's it really. Oh, perhaps we should make it explicit here... we're based in the UK. Any queries about any of this, do contact us. John Fraser, Jenny's husband, who set up and maintains this website, will get back to you. Thanks.