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Jenny Biancardi Consultancy offers training, personal and professional development, psychotherapy and counselling from a person centred approach. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, serving Newcastle, Gateshead, North East England, and the UK.

Jenny Biancardi: Consultant. Serving Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, and Durham in North East England. © Jenny Biancardi


“Life Changing”
“Warm and wise”

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CPD and Personal development workshops in Newcastle and North East England. © Jenny Biancardi
Supervisor Training, England and Scotland. © Jenny Biancardi
In-house training. Gateshead, Newcastle, North East England. © Jenny Biancardi
Mentoring and coaching in the North East of England. © Jenny Biancardi
Supervision for counsellors and therapists in Tyne and Wear. © Jenny Biancardi
Counselling and therapy in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. © Jenny Biancardi
Theatre Consultancy for London and Newcastle upon Tyne. © Jenny Biancardi

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“I believe that for change to occur, the participant needs an experience which is engaging, and a new perspective that is relevant. Support and acceptance, and some humour and challenge, all help to create the process.”

- Jenny Biancardi: Founder and Director.


Phoning is often the most useful way of making first contact.
Phone me - Jenny Biancardi - daytime or early evening, on
(0191) 265 9664