Theatre Consultancy for London and Newcastle upon Tyne. © Jenny Biancardi
Jenny Biancardi: Consultant. Serving Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, and Durham in North East England. © Jenny Biancardi


Jenny Biancardi runs a theatre consultancy. She enjoys providing psychological insight for characters’ motivations, emotions, relationships and behaviour; making sense of these and providing suggestions for how these might be expressed and developed

Jenny can also work with group dynamics, or therapeutically with individuals, when the need is there.

Most of the consultancy is undertaken in Newcastle upon Tyne or in London.


“I have enjoyed Jenny Biancardi’s work on a few creative projects where she has helped with research and dynamics within a group.

I can honestly say that her contribution was revelatory in its insight and that the projects were all the better for her wisdom and humanity.

She is one of the best communicators I have ever met, whose integrity and humanity come from a very real place.”

Jeremy Herrin, Deputy Artistic Director,
Royal Court, London.


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Next Steps: Contacting Jenny Biancardi

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